1. Consult

The CAI Account Management team discusses contingent labor needs with Agency personnel. The Account Managers offer suggestions and/or feedback regarding requirements in order to meet Agency needs.

2. Create

Agency personnel create the requirement in the VMS system.

3. Validate

CAI’s Account Managers review each requirement for completeness. Once CAI has completed a review, the requirement is released to the supplier network.

4. Submit

The supplier network responds to the requirement with candidates.

5. Qualify

As candidates are submitted, the CAI Account Managers perform basic screening tasks and forward qualified candidates to Agency personnel for further review within four business days.

6. Select

Agency personnel review the forwarded candidates, selecting those that they desire to interview.

7. Coordinate

CAI’s Account Managers coordinate the interviews with selected candidates.

8. On-board

Once the Agency has selected a candidate for engagement, CAI’s Account Managers oversee on-boarding of candidate. CAI works with suppliers to ensure that all Agency on-boarding requirements are completed prior to the beginning of the engagement.

9. Start Work

The selected candidate begins work at the Agency, completing weekly timesheets in the VMS system. CAI’s Account Managers continue to provide assistance to both suppliers and Agency personnel throughout the life of the engagement.